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Farm Visit!

Today, Farmer David and his animal friends came to visit us in Nursery. The children learned all about the animals and even had a chance to feed them! We had a brilliant day with some of the children telling us "It was the best day EVER!"

Our trip to Church


Father John welcomed us in to Church and told the children they were in God's house. He encouraged the children to use their eyes to look all around the church at all the different things which led to lots of discussion around prayers, how things become holy as well as noticing shapes and textures. They enjoyed hearing the bell ring too! 


The children walked sensibly round the Church and used their indoor voices whilst describing all of the objects they could see. We were very impressed with their behavior during our visit.


Here are some of the comments from the children:

"It's the Holy Water to pray, you do this" (makes sign of the cross)



"I found the picture! It's the special man. He looks after all the Priests." (Picture of Pope Francis)



"This is Holy Water. You dip your head in it when you're a baby."



"I liked the picture of Mary and Jesus the best!"


Fun in the snow!

Fun in the snow!  1
Fun in the snow!  2
Fun in the snow!  3
Fun in the snow!  4
Fun in the snow!  5
Fun in the snow!  6
Fun in the snow!  7
Fun in the snow!  8

Brush Bus


This week, the children have started to brush their teeth in school! Thanks to the Brush Bus Initiative, the children are able to brush their teeth after lunch each day. The children were very excited to receive their toothbrushes and were keen to join in, showing us just how clean their teeth were afterwards.


When talking about why it is important to brush our teeth, the children came up with the following ideas:


"If you don't brush your teeth, they will get dirty!" 


"You have to brush your teeth or your breath will smell dusty!" 

Come & Play


Thank you to all the family members who came to play this week. The children were so excited for your visit and I know that many took great pride in showing you around, explaining the expectations in the areas of learning!

We will have more sessions next term!


The children have really enjoyed our recent shape hunt, inside and outside the classroom! They have been learning to focus their attention on details of their environment as well as beginning to name and describe some properties of 2D shapes- well done!