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A big thank you to Mr Fetherston and his team at Morrisons in Cheadle for their kind donation of herbs, plants and flowers for our EYFS outdoor learning environment. The children had a great time gardening and I think you'll agree, it's looking great!


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Supporting your child in achieving the Early Learning Goals (Parent/ Carer Meeting- 24th April 2019)

Storytelling Week

Storytelling Week 1
Storytelling Week 2
Storytelling Week 3
Storytelling Week 4
Storytelling Week 5
Storytelling Week 6
Storytelling Week 7
Storytelling Week 8
Storytelling Week 9
Storytelling Week 10
Storytelling Week 11
Storytelling Week 12
Storytelling Week 13
Storytelling Week 14
Storytelling Week 15
Storytelling Week 16
Storytelling Week 17
Storytelling Week 18
Storytelling Week 19
Storytelling Week 20
Storytelling Week 21
Storytelling Week 22
Storytelling Week 23
Storytelling Week 24
Storytelling Week 25
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Storytelling Week 39

What a jam packed week we had for Storytelling Week!

From 'Drop everything and read' sessions, to parents coming in to read with their children, to book swaps, a visit from the librarian, reading with our Year 5 buddies and World Book Day! It was a super busy, but fun week!

Our Visit to Morrisons

Our Visit to Morrisons 1
Our Visit to Morrisons 2
Our Visit to Morrisons 3
Our Visit to Morrisons 4
Our Visit to Morrisons 5
Our Visit to Morrisons 6
Our Visit to Morrisons 7
Our Visit to Morrisons 8
Our Visit to Morrisons 9
Our Visit to Morrisons 10
Our Visit to Morrisons 11
Our Visit to Morrisons 12
Our Visit to Morrisons 13
Our Visit to Morrisons 14
Our Visit to Morrisons 15
Our Visit to Morrisons 16
Our Visit to Morrisons 17
Our Visit to Morrisons 18
Our Visit to Morrisons 19
Our Visit to Morrisons 20
Our Visit to Morrisons 21
Our Visit to Morrisons 22
Our Visit to Morrisons 23
Our Visit to Morrisons 24
Our Visit to Morrisons 25
Our Visit to Morrisons 26
Our Visit to Morrisons 27
Our Visit to Morrisons 28
Our Visit to Morrisons 29
Yesterday, the Reception children visited Morrisons as part of our topic of Food and Growth.
They visited the fish counter, each had a go on the checkouts, made pizzas and even watched pancakes being made.
The children had a wonderful time and a great experience of working in a supermarket. 
A special thank you to Morrisons Cheadle Heath for a super visit!
Here are some photos to show what we got up to!

Silly Science!

Silly Science! 1
Silly Science! 2
Silly Science! 3
Silly Science! 4
Silly Science! 5
Silly Science! 6
Silly Science! 7
Silly Science! 8
Silly Science! 9
Silly Science! 10

Silly Science!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

In Religion, we have learning about special celebrations in the Church. As part of this topic, the children in Reception visited Church on Thursday where they were met by Father John. He talked to the children about specific features of the Church, before allowing the children to explore themselves. 

The children were incredibly well behaved! 

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Fun in the snow

Fun in the snow 1
Fun in the snow 2
Fun in the snow 3
Fun in the snow 4
Fun in the snow 5
Fun in the snow 6
Fun in the snow 7
Fun in the snow 8
Fun in the snow 9
Fun in the snow 10
Fun in the snow 11
Fun in the snow 12
Fun in the snow 13
Fun in the snow 14
Fun in the snow 15

Stomp chomp big roars, here come the dinosaurs!

 Dinosaur Invasion!

There has been a dinosaur invasion in the Early Years! There were footprints left all around our playground and dinosaur eggs left in each class. A dinosaur even left a video of himself in Reception!! The children were incredibly excited about the new hook into learning for our topic this term on dinosaurs

Christmas Crafts!


On Friday, we held our Christmas Craft session in the school hall. We welcomed lots of parents, carers, siblings and grandparents for a fun afternoon making decorations and cards for Christmas. 

We had a wonderful time and even enjoyed some Christmas music and mince pies!


Thank you to all those who came and thank you for your wonderful feedback, which we will share with you soon!



Library Visit

Library Visit 1
Library Visit 2
Library Visit 3
Library Visit 4
Library Visit 5
Library Visit 6
Library Visit 7
Library Visit 8
Library Visit 9
Library Visit 10
Library Visit 11
Library Visit 12
Library Visit 13

Football Superstars!

Football Superstars!  1
Football Superstars!  2
Football Superstars!  3
Football Superstars!  4
Football Superstars!  5
Football Superstars!  6
Football Superstars!  7
Football Superstars!  8
Football Superstars!  9
Football Superstars!  10
Football Superstars!  11
Football Superstars!  12
Football Superstars!  13
Football Superstars!  14
Football Superstars!  15

Some of the children from Class 1 went to Manchester City on November 16th to compete in some football games against children from other schools.  They were amazing! We lost 1 game, drew 2 and won 2! Well done footballers! 

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day 1
Remembrance Day 2
Remembrance Day 3
Remembrance Day 4
Remembrance Day 5
Remembrance Day 6
Remembrance Day 7
Remembrance Day 8

This week, the children have completed lots of activities to commemorate 100 years since the end of the war. They have each made a poppy which can we seen on our 'We Remember' display along the Reception corridor. We have talked about and shared what we know about the war and some children were able to talk about their great grandparents who fought in the war. 

Today, we held a special worship in the playground, with the rest of the school. We completed a 2 minute silence, remembering all those who died.