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Year 2

Autumn 1

Autumn 2                    


The British Isles / The Great Fire of London


Come and See

Four week topics:


Beginnings (Domestic church, family) God is present in every beginning.


Signs and symbols  (Baptism/ Confirmation, belonging) Signs and symbols in Baptism.


Preparing  (Advent/ Christmas/ loving) Preparing to celebrate christmas.


Books (Local church, community) The books used in the church.


Number Sense

Pupils can represent and explain what happens
when counting forwards and backwards in tens
and can compare and order two-digit numbers
in different contexts.


Additive Reasoning

Pupils can represent and solve addition and
subtraction problems in different contexts,
appropriately choosing and using number facts,
understanding of place value and counting.


Geometric Reasoning 

Pupils can recognise and identify shapes in their
environment and explain the properties of the shapes including lines of symmetry.


Number Sense

Pupils can represent and explain how
they know ten more and ten less than
any given number and read, compare
and record comparison of numbers up
to 100.


Additive Reasoning

Pupils can represent, explain and record the relationship between addition and subtraction. They can represent and solve addition and subtraction problems in different contexts, appropriately choosing and using number facts, understanding of place value and counting.


Number Sense

Pupils can use their understanding of counting
in twos, fives and tens to interpret data. They
can represent and explain the difference
between odd and even numbers and use this
understanding to identify large multiples of two.



Children participate in daily guided reading sessions.



Children are split into various groups and participate in daily phonics sessions.



Fiction- Talk 4 writing story. George and the Dragon


Use of everyday Materials


Children will identify and compare the suitability of a variety of everyday materials including wood, metal, plastic, glass, brick, paper and cardboard for particular uses.


Find out how the shapes of solid objects made from some materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching.



Digital Stories

Internet Research 

Picture this

Internet Research


DT/ Art

Create structures using play dough.

Looking at lives of significant people e.g Lowry/ Bruegel. Look at artists techniques. Children make Tudor Houses and textured flames. Children will observe and draw a tree overtime.


Events beyond living memory e.g The great Fire of London, Bonfire night, Remembrance day, WW1 Look at lives of significant people e.g Lowry/ Bruegel.


Name, locate, identify characteristics of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales. Capital Cities e.g. London Link to fire Fire Buckingham Palace/ Queen/ Parliament/ Prime minister. Rivers (reference to ABC Uk)

Link Lowry to Salford in Manchester, show map of Salford and go on visit to Lowry.


Charanga rock music, London’s burning, rhythm activities, counting rhymes

Nativity/ Christmas songs/ hymns.








Languages- French 

numbers, colours and food. activities online