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Eco Warriors Club

The Eco Warriers Team


St Catherine's Eco Team is offered to children from Year 2 up to Year 6. We meet fortnightly to discuss issues and how we can make a difference. Our aim is to make our school more eco friendly and develop skills required to be active members of our community.


We love our planet.

We protect living things.

We recycle what we can.

We put litter in the bin.

We use energy wisely.

We are water watchers.

We respect others.

Eco Warriors Agenda Autumn 2015

The ECO Warriors have carried out an audit of various aspects of school life at St Catherine's and from that have drawn up an action plan of what they would like to tackle this academic year:-

  • Promoting the Walk to School Campaign
  • Healthy lifestyles including packed lunches and school dinners
  • How to improve the Peace Garden
  • How to make St Catherine's more friendly to animals and help with bio-diversity
  • Looking at our energy footprint and how we can reduce the amount of energy we use in school
  • Continued improvements to the playground area


We have also welcomed Mrs Baker, a parent representative who is keen to support all the work of the ECO Warriors,




The ECO Warriors working with Charlotte McHugh our School Engagement Officer have carried out an audit of the local environment. The audit will identify some of the barriers in our area that prevent children from walking to school. In addition, there will be up to £1000 up for grabs for a school that identifies an area that could be improved. We will also receive a report of the barriers and issues identified in the audit.

Walk to School Audit of the Local Area

Eco Team with our Jubilee garden

The Eco Team have been planting.  Amongst the flowers are tomato plants, pepper plants and strawberry plants.
The Eco Warriors raise awareness about parking problems at school.