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Welcome to Year 4s General Class Information page. Here you can find information regarding class trips, P.E. Kits and swimming amongst other general information that may be of interest.


Y4 Trips


Autumn Term

We go to Roman Chester & the Grovesnor Museum. The children are involved in a 'hands on' workshop, get to go around the museum galleries and go on a Guided Tour of Roman Chester.


Spring Term

We invite an experienced musician and scientist into school for a fun-filled day, on Sound. The children find out about how sound is made, how we hear it and how to make their own musical instruments. Children find out how sound is made and they conduct a series of experiments.


Summer Term 

We go to Weaver Hall Museum (Northwich) for workshops on the Anglo Saxons and Vikings.


PARENTS - If you are interested in joining us on any of the school trips we normally require more adult supervision, however, these places are allocated on a first come, first served basis and are normally quickly snapped up. (Adults go free)



In Year 4, the children do Gaelic Football and Swimming, weekly.


P.E. Kits

Your child must have the following items in order to do P.E.:


St. Catherine's RC Primary P.E. T-shirt (white/burgundy)

School P.E. Shorts/Plain black/grey jogging bottom

Trainers (not pumps)




The children go swimming at Hough End Swimming Baths, every Tuesday (a part from when the instructors have training).



Boys - swimming trunks/shorts (no baggy shorts, they must be skin tight)

Girls - Swimming Costume (not bikinis)


Swimming Caps must be worn, if your child's hair goes over their eyes, when wet. We ask that your child wears a verruca sock, if they suffer from verruca's.


IMPORTANT - Your child must provide a doctor's note for any other equipment needed (i.e. goggles) to prove that there are real issues for their use.