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On Tuesday, we had a surprise when we went into school. When the door opened all the teachers were dressed like Victorians and it was as though we had gone back in time. First, we were told to line up, not smile and were given a Victorian name. Then, when we went into class, we had to immediately read out a prayer which was a page long and then write ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’ 100 times (which was crazy)! Soon after, hygiene checks, only the cleanest would be able to stay in class and wait in line for 5 minutes just to watch your hands. That afternoon we wrote a diary entry as a Victorian child. It was a great day! - Harry (Class 12)

Class 11's worship (by Teresa)

Spanish lesson news report

Reception Buddies!

In our English lesson this week we discussed all about our new book for this half term. We put together a jigsaw to reveal the front cover of our new book. We discussed lots of ideas and the features of fairy tales. Then, we played 'hot potato', which gave us the chance to talk about different characters in different fairy tales and their feelings. Our predictions were amazing and we're excited about our new class book, 'The Lost Happy Endings'. - Caitlin (Class 12)

Year 5 have started their letter writing and videos to send to the Spanish schools. We took a photo of children according to which Spanish school they will be most associated with, CPI Arquitecto Palacios or CEIP Mallón.

For Creative Writing week, we had an unusual request for help from an interesting visitor. A timid witch called Mildred asked the children at St Catherine's to help her stop her wicked sisters from turning all the children into frogs! Here's how Y5 helped...

Creative Writing Week - Part 2

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During science we have been learning about the life cycles of animals such as: mammals , amphibians , insects , reptiles and birds. We came up with presentations to compare life cycles and show differences and similarities between them .  We had powerpoints, raps, diagrams and iMovies! - Sinead (Class 12)

This half term, we have based our English work on the book 'Queen of the Falls' by Chris Van Allsburg. We have written a series of diaries about significant events in Annie Edson Taylor’s life including viewpoints on other characters. Here are some fantastic examples from both classes!

During our computing lessons, we have been learning about block coding with a game called scratch and small computers called Microbits . This has been so much fun. Everyone has loved it and I hope we can do it again. - Gia (Class 12)

Year 5 Spanish Lessons

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This half term, Year 5 have been learning words and phrases in Spanish to help us communicate with our Spanish buddies. Here is a short video of some of us describing our eye colour. Enjoy!
- Jessica and Lexi (Class 12)

Languages Day 2019

Year 5 chose Japan as their country and took part in lots of activities to explore the country's rich culture.