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Story telling week

As part of story telling week the children were invited back into school in their pyjamas for bedtime stories. The children were able to bring blankets and teddies to comfort and cuddle whilst listening to the stories. The children also played a game of sleeping lions and also watched and  listened to stories on the interactive whiteboard. Tt was a relaxing and happy experience for the children!



As part of E-safety week we watched a video clip which showed us the importance of keeping safe online. As a year group we discussed different ways we can stay safe online and why this important for our own safety. After the discussion we created an E-safety poster highlighting the importance of this and how we can do it. We also created illustrations to show this!


As part of one of our topics `Old and New toys` we had the opportunity to see a doll that is over 100 years old. We used our speaking and listening skills to discuss; how the clothes were handmade, that the face hands and feet were made from china, the hair on the doll is real and that back then children only had one special doll. the children found the session very interesting and even had the chance to hold the doll and take a closer look before using their art skills to draw it! 

Class 4's worship

Today, class 4 had their worship about making a new start to the New year. We shared the importance of making the right choices and being a shining light to others. We also explained how important it is to persevere and never give up. We shared examples of times when we had persevered such as in spelling tests, swimming lessons, handwriting and many more! We gave people a mission to persevere with something that day and to try their best.