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Take the Literacy Challenge


How many of our Literacy Challenge cards can you complete?  Don't forget they are available in the classroom too!

Have a go at 'Literacy Challenge 1', or why not try the more difficult 'Literacy Challenge 2'?



Use 'VCOP ideas bank' to improve your use of Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation.

Speech Marks


Can you use speech marks correctly and consistently in your writing?

See if you can complete the three 'Speech Marks' sheets correctly.

Don't forget:

  • open and close your speech marks (only around the words that are spoken!)
  • start all new speech with a capital letter
  • include correct punctuation before closing your speech marks (and before opening your speech marks, if speech is in the middle of a sentence).

For example: 

Simon asked, "What time are we going to the cinema?"



Do you use a variety of interesting adjectives in your writing?

Challenge yourself to see if you can improve your writing by completing these activities based on adjectives.

Powerful Verbs and Adverbs


We can all use verbs in our writing, but do you use powerful verbs?  Do you use adverbs to add more detail?

For example, 'tiptoed quietly' or 'grabbed quickly'.  

Remember to try and change boring verbs such as 'said', 'went' and 'got' into more powerful verbs!  Don't forget to use adverbs too, as this helps you to add more detail about the verb.



Often get confused with there/their/they're, or two/to/too?  

Homophone can be confusing, so why not improve your accuracy by completing the homophone sheets below?

If you're stuck on which word to use, take a look at the PowerPoint presentations and explanations on the sheets to help you.



Do you know how to use apostrophes correctly in your writing?

See if you know the difference between apostrophes for contraction (e.g. you are = you're) and apostrophes to show belonging (e.g. Jessica's bike).

Complete the sheets below to improve your confidence with apostrophes.



Complete these comma activities to improve your use and accuracy of higher level punctuation.