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Take the Maths Challenge!


How many of our Maths Challenge cards can you complete?  Don't forget they are available in the classroom too!

Have a go at 'Maths Challenge 1', or why not try the more difficult 'Maths Challenge 2'?

Times table grid challenge!

Puzzles and Problems


See how many puzzles and problems you can complete using your Maths knowledge... why not check your answers with a friend?

Secret Country Code Breaker


Can you use your Maths skills to crack these secret codes and find where in the world our agent is?

Where in the world is our agent?

An investigation involving estimation, formula and addition.



How many millimetres in a centimetre?  How many centimetres in a metre?

How many millilitres in a litre?

How many grams in a kilogram?

See if you know all of your measures and conversions!

2D Shapes


How many 2D shapes can you remember?  Can you list their properties (e.g. number of sides and angles, lines of symmetry, length of sides)?  Can you remember what our shape words mean: polygon, quadrilateral, regular, irregular?

Use the 'Classifying Polygons' PowerPoint and '2D Shape Words' to help you with your work.



See if you can complete a selection of fraction activities.

Use the 'Fraction Wall' to help you.

Why not print out 'Fraction Snap' and play it at home?