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Times Tables Rockstars - our new craze!

There is a mathematical buzz around St. Catherine's at the moment and we can definitely thank Times Tables Rockstar for that!


TT Rockstars is an online resource where children can practise their times table and division facts in fun, dynamic and challenging ways.  Each child creates their own avatar and can earn coins for every game they play.  There are different areas where children can rock out to play their times tables, including the festival and arena areas where they can compete against children around the world!  Children can also upgrade their rockstar statuses based on their progress with their times tables.


We're only just getting started but we can already tell that this is going to be a great year of times tables.   Some children have even told us that they can't wait to go to their friend's birthday party tonight so that they can all play Times Tables Rockstars together!  What a result... excitement, engagement, enthusiasm - long may it continue!