Faith Life

At St Catherine's, our faith underpins everything we do and the decisions we make.  

Our school mission is inspired by St. Catherine of Siena:

'Be who God wants you to be and so set the world on fire.'

This wonderful quote from St. Catherine of Siena is at the heart of our school and it is known and lived by our children.

Our pupil leaders from our GIFT (Growing In Faith Together) Team and Caritas Ambassadors make a huge difference to our school by the way in which they put their faith into action.  They are a fantastic support to our school in leading our children in worship and being fantastic role models.

Our Catholic Life class books show how we deepen our faith in school, as well as how we put our faith into action by following in Jesus' footsteps and being witnesses of Christ.

Take a look at our 'faith videos' to see our children, staff and our parish priest in action!  Lots of our videos were created during Covid-19 when we weren't able to gather together, but they give a great sense of our faith life in school and how we strive to 'set the world in fire' in all that we do.

Don't forget to check out our half-termly newsletters too, as well as our faith newsletters to celebrate certain times of the liturgical year, such as The Epiphany and Holy Week.

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Be who God wants you to be...
...and so set the world on fire

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