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At St Catherine’s we have a commitment to giving our children an excellent start to language learning, ready to be citizens of the European community.

The children in KS1 learn Spanish through songs and games in an informal, fun way.  Children have set Spanish lessons each week taught by Mrs Chidgey.


In KS2, the children carry on learning Spanish with Mrs Taylor, our MFL teacher.  They progress from learning basic vocabulary to producing sentences and creating letters and videos in Spanish. They receive a weekly lesson from Mrs Taylor and the class teachers also consolidate their language learning in class, through the register, Singing Square and Languages Day.

We have two very successful partnerships with CPI Panxón in Galicia, Northern Spain, which has been going since 2009, and with CEIP Mallón since 2013 with many of our pupils spending a week in Spain whilst in Year 5 and building long lasting friendships. All of the school benefit when the Spanish children return to spend a week in class with the Year 5 children and join in a selection of whole school activities. This has become a highlight of the school year, with the Spanish Café, Singing Square and activities run outside of school by our generous and welcoming parents.

We aim to encourage the children in their Foreign Language acquisition through fun-filled activities, songs, games and stories whilst directing the older children to use more complex language in sentences and role plays.

International Education Week

Mrs Taylor attended the launch of International Education Week at the fantastic Manchester Museum.  The even, which was organised by the British Council, allowed schools to learn about opportunities for international links with other schools and how to set up school exchanges, as well as network with teachers from other schools with a similar background.  The occasion was also to celebrate our well deserved success in the 2014 British Council International School Award.  It was also an opportunity to formally thank Mrs Taylor and the school by collecting the British Council International School Award Flag in recognition of our outstanding commitment and work to bring the world into our classrooms.  The British Council the UK's international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural exchanges.

BBC Visit Year 6

On Tuesday a group came in from BBC Primary Languages to visit the Year 6 classes. They are trying to update the content of the BBC Primary Languages Website and are trialling new materials and soliciting feedback from primary pupils. The Year 6 children were asked about their trips to Spain and what more they would like to know about the country. They were then asked about video and online games, and which settings and characters they prefer. The session ended with a craft activity.

The children gave sensible, articulate feedback and were as polite as ever.
They are looking forward to trying out some of the games in future.

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