Student Leadership

We have a range of student leadership positions available for children of varying ages, particularly for those in KS2.  This aims to help shape the whole child and provide them with a range of different opportunities to learn and flourish.

Here are some of our student leadership positions at St. Catherine's:

Learning Leaders:

Learners leaders are members of Year 5 and Year 6 who give up part of their lunch time to support children in the younger year groups with their learning.  This can range from offering reading support, to running small group sessions, supporting the teacher in lessons, etc.

Play Leaders:

Play Leaders are children in KS2 who support the children in Nursery and Reception in playing a wide range of activities during the first part of their afternoon.  The Play Leaders give up part of their lunch time to support the younger children to make the most of their outdoor learning environment and they help the children in playing different games and socialising effectively with each other.

School Council:

Children from Year 2 upwards (with the inclusion of Year 1 in the Summer Term) can apply to be part of the School Council team.  Children must present to their peers to explain why they would be an effective candidate in this role and then members of their class vote on who they believe would be the best person for this important role.

School Council meetings are held regularly and the Council are a large part of leading our Rights Respecting approach in school, as well as charity work.

Sports Leaders:

Sports Leaders are children in Upper KS2 who support with the set up of games over play time and lunch time and help with sporting activities in school throughout the year such as Sports Day and Healthy Schools Week.

Caritas Ambassadors:

This is a prestigious leadership position for children in Year 5 and children apply through a letter of application.  Caritas means 'Christian love of humankind; charity' and this is the basis of the work that this group of leaders does.  Children primarily help our school and local community through identifying areas of need and supporting others.  This includes supporting local charities and helping to support the GIFT team in leading the faith life of our school.

GIFT Team:

This is a prestigious leadership position for children in Year 6 and children apply through a letter of application.  GIFT stands for 'Growing In Faith Together' and the GIFT team are responsible for leading the faith life of our school.  This involves weekly worships, prayer and liturgy, school masses, charity work and more.

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