Reading Scheme

EN2 – Reading:

Early literacy in EYFS and KS1 is learnt through developing work on speaking and listening, early reading and phonics.

Letters and sounds is a focused teaching strategy. Phase 1 supports the development of speaking and listening. Phase 2-5 is a systematic approach to phonics teaching and word recognition skills. Phase 6 focuses on word specific spelling. These phases are taught across the foundation stage and Ks1 and KS2 as appropriate.

Systematic and high quality phonics learning takes place at FS & KS1. We believe that this will equip our children with a range of decoding skills by the time they leave KS1, in addition to giving them a good grounding in spelling. This is built upon with the Support for Spelling Programme.We use the Oxford reading scheme as well as the opportunity to read a range of different genres through access to our school library. All children are heard read regularly at KS1 and are placed on an appropriate book-banded reading level according to their reading fluency, decoding skills and comprehension. At KS2 this is progressively supplanted by personal unsupported reading, as the child progresses.

We provide a variety of style and level of reading books to meet all needs. We very much value the involvement of parents highly and most especially in hearing our children read. Whether this is done at home or with the help of parents working with children in school, we actively encourage parents and other family members to be involved in the child’s reading development.

A ‘Reading Record’ is maintained throughout the school.

Guided reading occurs on a regular basis across the school.

Access to the school library is continually being developed and there is a KS1 and KS2 library for pupils to enhance their love of reading.

Opportunities for shared, guided and individual reading are fostered across the school.

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